About Legado Cymbals

LEGADO Cymbals was founded by drummers with unique backgrounds and the same passion for music that spans all genres. We each have 20+ years of experience, playing different styles of music, with the same passion for having top notch gear.  Our concept is simple: to offer high quality cymbals without breaking the bank. We understand the working musician is in fact that, working! We all don’t have limitless expendable income at our finger tips. We cater to everyone: The Student, The Weekend Warrior, The Session Drummer, The Touring Drummer, we’ve been each one of those guys. Together we’ve built this brand to represent just that and give you, the artist, the opportunity to play something you believe in and love.

LEGADO – Building a Legacy One Cymbal at a time.


LEGADO Cymbals provides 100% Handmade High-Quality Turkish Cymbals crafted by generational master cymbal smiths with modern day innovation to create a unique product and sound. Our friendly, knowledgeable, and professional team will help educate and inspire artists of every level to craft their own personal sound with our exceptional cymbals, at an exceptional price.

Meet The Team